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How We Work

Step one Inquiring

Step One


The hardest part is seeking help. This is why we make sure to respond quickly and effectively. There will be no judgment and everything will be kept completely confidential. Our costumer service rep will gather information needed and answer any basic questions. Your information will be passed to the estimator in your area who will better serve you.

Step two Assessment

Step Two


Each situation is completely unique and we will treat it as so. The estimator will call and set up the date and time to meet at the property for an onsite free estimate. This is when they set up your customized plan of action with you and schedule any services.

Step 3 Sorting

Step Three


This is the step that really sets us apart from other companies. Our team of specialist will help you sort through your clutter one area at a time. We take care of the disposal and the delivery of your donations to your favorite charity.

Step four Organizing

Step Four


Let us help you achieve your goal! Our dedicated staff will work with you to return your home to a healthy functional environment once again.

Step five Cleaning

Step Five


Whether it’s broom swept or full service cleaning we can make sure your home is sanitized and cleaned to your satisfaction!

We are here to help