Success Stories

The Owners want to thank you and your crew for the professional way this task was carried out to its conclusion. The various crew members were hard working, good natured and in some difficult conditions exceeded the Owner's expectations.

The premises are now in a broom clean condition that this now permits the Owner to decide how best to move forward.

Irving C.

Irving C., Maryland

I don't know if you remember me, but back in February your wonderful crew of Cree, Gerald and Miguel came and helped clean my apartment. Six months have gone by and again, I can't thank all of you enough! I have someone come in every other week for basic cleaning but I have kept up my apartment and I haven't gone back to my old ways. I take pride in both my home and myself now. I cook again for myself and I've also made other changes in my life. I told you then and I'll say it now, you all gave me my life back. Thank you again.

Mary J
Worcester MA

Ps, please say hi to Cree for me if you see her. She helped me so much. And Miguel and Gerald who made me laugh the whole time and made the process so much easier.

Mary Worcester MA

After over 30 years of living (and accumulating items) in my one bedroom condo in Arlington, it required a thorough de-cluttering, deep cleaning, and removal of several large furniture items, as well as having the original wall to wall carpeting removed. As an additional challenge, the condo building, and my unit, are dealing with a mice infestation.

Not even knowing where to begin, I stumbled on “Address Our Mess” online. Alex from the office put me in touch with Josh Raftner. Josh and I discussed the size of the condo, my specific requirements, and I was scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

Initially, I was expecting a three man crew for what was expected to be a one day job. Due to a mix-up, only Avery (my case manager), and Joshua were there for day one. Both men worked hard, and carefully, doing as much as they could without the third crewmember, (who also had additional cleaning supplies in his vehicle).

The next morning an additional crewmember (Jacob) was with the team, and five hours later, my condo was done! The apartment hasn’t looked (and smelled!) so clean in quite a while.

I would recommend “Address Our Mess”, Josh Raftner, and my specific cleaning crew without reservation. They helped make a difficult situation significantly less stressful. Thanks so much for your hard work and excellent service!

Mark Arlington, VA

Dear Josh,
After two days I still can’t come up with the right words to express my gratitude for all of the help your company provided us.
From my first phone call and your response to “clean up” days to final cleaning every person I have had contact with have been nothing but caring.
You and Megan made yourselves available 24/7 for any questions or concerns I had.
Dennard, Travon and Dennis did an outstanding “clean up” and then the final washing/sanitizing the walls, etc. Not only was their work outstanding the care and compassion they showed me made me feel like family was here helping out.
Dennard went out of his way to make sure I sat down and did not over due it. His words were always respectful and helpful. He even let me cry on his shoulder if I needed to.
I am forever grateful for the service you provide and the caring and compassionate way the work is done.
If you ever need a recommendation or someone who wants to talk to someone who has been through a “clean up” please feel free to contact me.
As I said in an earlier email, I will be thanking you for the rest of my life and your response was to wait until after the work was done. Well the work is done and I will be thanking you for the rest of my life.

Louann, PA

Dear Megan and Josh:

I wanted to write to you to tell you how pleased I was with the job Darnel and his crew did with the clean out of my relative’s home, one that was severely compromised by decades of hoarding and by dozens of cats.
I am a physician who is accustomed to being in control and guiding people through difficult, sometimes life-altering, decisions. However, nothing could prepare me for dealing with this situation, one in which I had no control and was completely dependent upon the honesty, integrity, and guidance of others. I am very glad that I happened to call your company first. Both you and Josh were very patient with my many questions. I was skeptical at first about bringing strangers into such a difficult and sensitive situation, and I felt many times like pulling back. However, with each call and email, you increased my confidence to the point where I committed to the process. Naturally, I still had concerns, but they disappeared immediately upon meeting Darnel and his crew and watching them work as hard as they did. They were as respectful to me and to the property as I imagine they would be to their own homes and family. They took time to find items (pictures and documents) that we needed to salvage. Further, Darnel gave me very useful suggestions as to how to proceed after the clean out. He and his crew were consummate professionals. I am forever indebted to them for helping me through this, and I am honored to now call them friends.

I hope you will use this letter to help others who are facing a similar situation. While they may feel overwhelmed, I can assure them, based upon my first-hand experience, that they can trust you and your company to expertly and respectfully guide them though it.

Christopher, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Jon,
Thank you again for the fantastic job you and your team did for me. Words can not express the gratitude I have for all of you for giving me back my life. You will be happy to know the sign if off my door and I rented a rug doctor and the carpet stains are all gone. Also that flying bug spray I bought did the trick there are no more flies. The township health and fire officers were extremely impressed at the job you did and they asked who did the clean up. I provided them with your business information and they have you as a recommendation to others who are in needed of clean up services.

Karl, Pennsylvania

Hi Josh, I wanted to follow up with you regarding our experience with Address Our Mess.
Let me start by saying the whole process from beginning to end was excellent and totally professional. This was a first time experience for my sister and I dealing with a relative that had past away and who also suffered from hoarding. Not once, from you Josh or your guys was there any hint of negativity or judgement in any way. We had a very short time in which to accomplish this job and we were met with a few obstacles, two of which were weather in that it poured for two of the days and co op rules that HAD to be adhered to. These facts did not deter the guys in any way as they adapted to any situation, ready to work and get the job done in the requested time. I would like to add that your foreman Danard (sp) in particular did an excellent job! He kept us apprised of every step whether it be they were running late due to weather or making sure we had seen something that might be of sentimental value that was possibly missed.
To you Josh and the team at Address Our Mess: Danard, Robert, Robert (there were two), Ben, Juan, and Alex, thank you and JOB WELL DONE!

Freddye, Washington DC

Hi Amanda, The crew was GREAT! friendly, very helpful, easy to contact before they got here….they were able to work around us a little bit when my brother wasn’t quite done with one room and still got everything done! I’m VERY impressed!! And very happy with the job! Please let them know they did an EXCELLENT job. I had doubts that three people could do it, but they are indeed professionals.

Gabe, Virginia

Hi Josh….Your excellent crew, led by Ben Jensen, just left our property in Flint, Michigan and cleared out 60 years worth of collecting, hoarding and just plain STUFF ! They were extremely respectful ( no matter what was discovered ), professional, thorough and efficient….I cannot thank you and your team enough for handling what could have been a painful experience, as this was due to the sudden death of my husband’s Mother.
The fact that my husband and I live in Shanghai, China and needed to this done quickly made your teams efficiency even more vital.
We could not be happier with the result. You will more than likely be hearing from us again, should we encounter similar circumstances.
Please use me as a reference anytime at this email address. Again, we are so grateful that you were there!

Chuck and Mary M. Michigan

Hello Josh and Meagan, I want to thank you again for the good work your team did in helping us get my sister’s townhouse to a “legal” state. As you know, it was and is a stressful time for my sister and also for me. We didn’t quite know what to expect when we hired you but knew we had to do something. The assurances you gave me, Josh, when we spoke initially and all through the process, were carried out by Carlos and his team beyond our expectations. Those young men are the hardest working, most dedicated guys I have ever encountered. Their work is not pleasant work and the conditions they work under are horrific. Even so, they were ALWAYS extremely polite, kind, gentle and considerate of me and of my sister. They never appeared annoyed (even though I’m sure they were……) when my sister would change her mind about what to keep, what to get rid of, etc. Also, every time there was a new wrinkle in the process and I had to consult with my brother, they were very tolerant and helpful.

Again, I am amazed that they were able to accomplish all that they did during the 6 days they worked on Paula’s town house. My gratitude to them, and to you for providing such a service via such wonderful employees is profound.

Please convey to Carlos, Jose and Jamal whatever accolades are appropriate within your organization for a job very well done.

Pam K. West Virginia

Just wanted to say your team, lead by Ben, did an excellent job at Mr.(Kept Confidential)’s house last week. They communicated every step of the way and accomplished a lot in a little bit of time. Its almost like Pete got a new house out of the deal!!
If you ever need a reference for any future work, I’d be happy to do so on your company’s behalf!!!

Stan R. Michigan

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work your crew did at our Roselle client’s apartment. I dropped by during the first day of clean up and I was so impressed with your staff, they were so quiet and gentle. Elie said that the foreman, Jerry, expertly handled our client who has a tendency to be very manic and agitated.

C. Kaiser. New Jersey

George and his crew took the initiative to get everything done to our complete satisfaction before walking out the door Friday evening at the end of the third long day. Skipping lunch and rarely taking a break, they made us feel tired just watching their frenzy of activity. After initially walking through the project items and then taking care to cover or move furniture and carpet, all the wallboard holes were patched and carefully painted to match the existing color…we would like to register our appreciation for Eric and his crew who came out on short notice.

G. Schrenk. Maryland